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Fall asleep and calm down

My Little Morphée prepares children for bedtime. During the day, it helps calm them down.

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The benefits of My Little Morphée, approved by childcare professionals

My Little Morphée is used and recommended by relaxation and sleep professionals.

My Little Morphée
My Little Morphée
Secure payment
100-night trial (exclusive website offer)
Fast delivery (from 2 business days)

Secure payment

100-night trial (exclusive website offer)

Fast delivery (from 2 business days)

How does My Little Morphée work?

Lying comfortably in bed or sitting in a calm and quiet place, the child can select a session out of 192 possible combinations.

With the first key

the child chooses the theme of the session.

With the second key

they choose the universe to which they want to travel (island, desert, forest…).

Then with the hourglass

they choose the duration of the session.

Discover the sessions and listen to some excerpts

My Little Morphée contains 192 sessions split into 5 themes:

* Meditative journeys: soothing stories guided by animals

* Soft music tracks composed by Gilles Maugenest

* Nature sounds recorded in different places in the world

* Solo meditations

* Group meditations to follow along with friends and family. 

Listen to some excerpts:

Meditative journeys

The meditative journeys contain visualization, breathing and relaxation exercises. Each animal helps the child develop a skill: confidence, enthusiasm, generosity, wisdom, happiness, boldness, curiosity and independence.

Listen to an extract from the cat in the forest journey.

Meditation sessions

The 16 guided meditations take the child into the universe of their choice. Here's an excerpt from the "meditation in space" session.

Group meditations

With these 16 sessions, the child can choose to do a meditation session with an adult, siblings or a friend. Here's an excerpt from the "meditation in the desert" session.

Soft music

Gilles Maugenest composed soft piano music for each universe. Here's an extract from the piece: "Climbing the Mountain".

Nature Sounds

Each universe features soothing nature sounds. Listen to an excerpt from Birds in the Mountains.

What's included in My Little Morphée box?

  • 128 soothing stories in which children set out to discover a resource, guided by an animal of their choice.
  • 32 meditations that allow children to tame their emotions and gain self-confidence
  • 16 nature sounds (purring of the cat, sound of the sea, fire in the fireplace...)
  • 16 soft music specially composed for Mon Petit Morphée

Let us answer your questions

Here we have collected your most frequently asked questions about My Little Morphée. Do not hesitate to contact us if you can't find what you're looking for! 

Is it possible to use My Little Morphée during the day?

Of course! My Little Morphée helps your child to calm down and recharge batteries during the quiet times of the day: after lunch, when returning from school or a sport activity, but also in case of small annoyances...

How long do the sessions last?

You can choose between two formats: 8 or 16 minutes.

Is My Little Morphée suitable for children above 10 years old?

My Little Morphée has been specially designed for children from 3 to 8 years old. It can of course be suitable up to the age of 10.

Beyond, we recommend Morphée.

Is My Little Morphée robust enough?

We conceived My Little Morphée to make it as robust as possible.

In fact, it has passed numerous strength tests with flying colors.

How many sessions does My Little Morphée contain?

My Little Morphée contains 192 combinations of sessions, music tracks and/or nature sounds. As with a music album, when a session pleases, it is possible to listen to it several times without getting tired.  

Will My Little Morphée ever be available on smartphone?


And it's even one of its secret powers... 😉 

My Little Morphée is deliberately non-digital and especially designed to let children relax and help them fall asleep.

Indeed, all experts are unanimous: waves, blue light and notifications emitted by smartphones do not go well with sleep and letting go, especially for children.

Does My Little Morphée run on battery or need power supply?

The battery lasts 3 hours on play mode, which is almost 15 stories!

My Little Morphée needs an hour and a half to be fully charged.

It can be loaded in two ways:

- by connecting it to a computer (with USB cable provided)

- using a USB power adapter (not included)

My Little Morphée
My Little Morphée
My Little Morphée
My Little Morphée
My Little Morphée
My Little Morphée
Secure payment 100-night trial (exclusive website offer) Fast delivery (from 2 business days)